The 2015-2016 State Budget appropriated $500 million to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) and the California Department of Education to allocate funding for adult education for the purpose of implementing regional plans for adult education. The intent of the California Adult Education Program was to expand and improve the provision of adult education via these consortia.

Tehama, Trinity and Shasta Counties have joined together to form the Shasta – Tehama – Trinity Adult Education Consortium. As required in statute, all K-14 educational institutions receiving funds to educate adults and each of our county offices of education are represented as members on the governance team of the Consortium.

Multiple agencies in the region who serve adults through educational, supportive services and employment development programs act as vital partners on the Consortium. All community members are invited to participate in the Consortium.

Detailed reports on how the Shasta – Tehama – Trinity Adult Education Consortium makes decisions and tracks progress can be found in this section. Also included are calendars for meeting times, meeting agendas and meeting minutes.








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