“I had a student that successfully completed the class last semester that received a raise from taking the course and consequently was able to close escrow at the end of the semester on a new house.”

Barbara Thomas, RBJUHSD Adult Education Administrator


“I have an 18-year-old student that left school after the 8th grade. She entered our GED class with great trepidation convinced that she could never pass the GED and certain that her learning disability would hold her back. Yet, slowly but surely she has managed to pass all but the math portion of the test. She claimed that math in particular was impossible for her. Yet, now, with a little confidence under her belt from passing the science, language arts, and social studies portion of the GED test, she comes to class smiling and is mastering each math concept necessary to achieve her goal. She and her family have extremely limited financial means, so without the assistance of AEBG funds for books and the cost of the GED test, her prospects would be very limited. Our free GED class and the support of the AEBG have given her hope to achieve her dreams. She says she wants to continue on to get her four year degree and become a writer! We all hope it comes true.”

-Shasta College – AEBG/ESL/GED


“Last month, I had two adults complete the requirements to earn their high school diplomas! They were so excited and they said they feel so proud of themselves for doing this!”  

Barbara Thomas, RBJUHSD Adult Education Administrator


“The AEBG has had a tremendously effect on adult learners that are unable to qualify for WIOA-funded programs. There are many learners that seek AEBG programs because they are already working or do not currently have the time to work. This is almost always a disqualification for enrollment into WIOA-programs at the Smart Center, which understandably are programs that aim at both educational and employment needs. Of the learners that have enrolled into the adult education program at Smart, a good portion, about one-third, were currently working at time of enrollment. There is also a portion of learners that were enrolled in Shasta College courses while pending high school equivalency certificates.

 Here is the story of Matt, and his circumstances and educational goals are common among AEBG learners. He came into adult education program at the Smart Center looking to get his high school equivalency certificate. Matt tried a couple years ago with the HiSET exam but did not pass the math section. But he worked hard in the past month to learn the topics needed and stay motivated. With such a short window between him needing to pass the test and the first of day of this fall semester (2017), Matt’s financial aid status depended on him passing the math section. A week after retesting, we were given confirmation that he had earned his high school equivalency certificate.” 

-SMART Business Resource Center –



With the ability to leverage resources and funds through AEBG and CalWORKs/Cal-Learn, the Tehama County Department of Education has been able to provide more adult education services leading individuals to educational certificates and employment pathways . To view the video, click here, Adult Education in Tehama County


Red Bluff High School District’s Adult Education Program funded through AEBG graduated 23 adults in 2016-2017 school year with diplomas! One student commented, “I never thought I’d get here!! This is so great and such an accomplishment for me and my family! Thank you!”

A student completing the Machining and Forming CTE class through Red Bluff High School District’s Adult Education Program was given a promotion in his job due to the new skills and certificate he earned in the class!

Red Bluff High School’s Adult Education Program offers a CTE Introduction to Welding class each semester. After the spring class, a student started a new job because of the skills he learned in the class and an employer connection he made through the class. 

Barbara Thomas, RBJUHSD Adult Education Administrator

Fifteen adults received their welding certificates in the Fall 17/18 semester under the Red Bluff High School Adult Education Program! Two of these students stated they have received raises due to their new skills and another is receiving more responsibilities at work because of this welding experience. 

Barbara Thomas, RBJUHSD Adult Education Administrator


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